Horror Novel - Evil Of Ages - About

A darkly passionate horror novel.

An evil that has lain dormant for many centuries, starts to rise during our day and age. One man must stand between light and darkness to bring back the natural balance. 

Set right on the very outer boundaries of a quaint little town, stands an ancient church, from where an evil mystery starts to rise. Evil starts to permeate the grounds with evil hauntings and mysterious curses.  

Enthralling and electrifying, as the 'Price of Darkness,' makes his intentions known, and master-plans the takeover of everything. 

One man is right in the middle of chaos that is raging on a global scale and with no help available, must now stand between the powers of light and darkness. 

The story is defiantly a horror thriller, as the reader is taken on a journey deep into the heart of the beast. It's adult horror at its best, as the scenes of passion, will electrify and leave the reader wanting more and more. 

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